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Travel while pregnant...


With the proper precautions and the correct information travel while pregnant is fine. Wherever you go, find out what healthcare facilities are at your destination in case you require urgent medical attention. Highly unlikely you will not need it but, even piece of mind is worth doing some extra research.

Best time to travel.

Well you are the only one that can answer this! Everyone is different but generally the best time to travel is usually the second trimester. The nausea has usually settled by then and most women are still reasonably comfortable with regard to their bump size. The baby isn’t so close to being due that enjoying a holiday is out of the question. When booking flights remember to think about your return flight. You might be gone for a month think about how much happens in a month of pregnancy or even a week for that matter. Take your due date into consideration for the return trip home. Insurance Your due date and past pregnancy complications will play a role in whether you can get insurance cover or not. Things they will take into consideration are if you carrying more than one, if you had IVF to conceive, Gestational diabetes (diabetes arising as a result of pregnancy), Pre-eclampsia, Hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomiting as a result of pregnancy), Placenta praevia (when the placenta is in the lower part of the uterus and covers part or all of the cervix) and more... will all be asked. They might even ask the colour of your undies there is that many questions haha. Some insurers consider pregnancy to be a pre-existing condition and a medical assessment may be required before you are covered. Others cover uncomplicated pregnancies up to a certain gestation without any fuss (usually up to around 26 weeks but can be up to 32 (not many); and there are many insurers that will not cover pregnancy related complications at all.Here is a great link for who covers what until when. Flying Some people (mistakenly) believe that the low pressure within air cabins can initiate labour. When combined with the comparatively low oxygen levels within the aircraft, this makes travelling by plane something to be avoided where possible. Don’t panic this is wrong! The baby is protected by you. Your own body will adjust to the pressure and changes in the environment, so your baby will not be effected. Flying is expensive but if you can spend a little extra on an upgrade it’s worth doing. You don’t need to go over the top, even premium economy which provides you a little extra space is a life saver. If your budget is not able to be stretch (which is more than fine) at check in ask to have a spare seat next to you or a seat that has easy access to get up and down. Now this parts super important!!! Many airlines place restrictions on pregnant women flying especially if they have complications or are carrying a multiple pregnancy. A medical clearance from your doctor may be necessary. Check these requirements with your airline BEFORE booking as each airline is very different and carry their own restrictions. Most airlines require a letter of clearance and trust me people get declined at check in from travel so don’t risk it! Swelling and dehydration on a plane is common - especially for those that are expecting. So, drink lots of water and get up and move as regularly as you can.


It is important to check your immunisation status before travelling to another country. Generally, vaccines which contain live viruses are not recommended during pregnancy, but those with no live constituents tend to be safe However, it is safe for pregnant women to have influenza vaccine, which is strongly recommended for all pregnant women, as influenza in pregnancy can be serious. You are generally advised to avoid travelling to countries where immunisation is required. If you must travel to areas requiring vaccinations, you should discuss this with your doctor. Last thing is to HAVE FUN and to trust your body.

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