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The first months of breastfeeding....

It’s a crazy experience! One that comes easy to some and can be pain stacking for others. Overflow, mastitis, low supply, too much milk, correct and incorrect attachment, breast pads, cracked nipples, late night feeds, pumping, expressing, colostrum, nipple thrush, milk coming in, ice packs, breast pumps, engorgement woahhhhhh WHAT! Something that is so natural can feel so un natural at times.

I am going to share my breastfeeding journey with you all over the coming months. I want to share my experience because reading someone else’s experience can give you a tip or a trick that you didn’t know, it can provide you with the support and confidence that you need in your feeding journey. I know personally that I have read a lot about motherhood journeys and taken away a lot from it. I am not a book reader, I prefer to learn from others personal experiences, so blog posts are a huge support for me. Sometimes when breastfeeding is all too hard, and you feel like giving up, you hen read something about someone’s else’s experience and you don’t feel so alone or like the challenges you are faced with are so isolating.

Breastfeeding is a little like Melbourne weather.... you can get four seasons in one day! It can be an and empowering, stressful, painful, beautiful, comforting, lonely, tiring and relaxing all in 24hours period. I am one of the “lucky” ones where breastfeeding has come “easily”. I say those words very loosely. Yes, I might have the supply, and the smalls attached well. But I still feel the struggles like other mums that relate to breastfeeding. If we are doing to correctly, if we are supplying enough in a feed, if some the things we are eating are irritating our Smalls, the feeling of isolation, the mental strain that one small human is so dependent solely on you to feed, the pure exhaustion, all these confusing feelings and thoughts while loving feeding and not wanting to change it for the world, its MIND boggling stuff.

So, I hope you enjoy hearing about my breastfeeding journey over the next few months. I would love for you to comment/share any of your tips, tricks, thoughts. Sharing about our breastfeeding journeys is such a beautiful thing.

Ps. Please note, that this post and others in the coming months is about my breastfeeding journey and thoughts on the topic. I do agree on Fed is best but saying that. If we can provide mums with as much information, support and resources possible about breastfeeding it will help with their journeys. Its not a battle of bottle vs breast its about educating mothers to the best we can in supporting them in their breastfeeding journey.

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