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Moving House

Yay, you are moving house. How fun and a little overwhelming. Well it doesn't have to be !

Here are a few things to make your move as easy as possible.


We hire boxes rather than buying cardboard boxes. Just do a quick google for your area but we use the box rental company in Melbourne. They deliver the boxes to your house, you pack, they come and collect EASY. I highly recommend getting Porta Robes. They are a box with a metal bar at the top that means you just pick up your hanging items and put straight into the box rather than having to re hang at the other end.

Box Labels

I have attached the moving house labels we use they are super helpful. Instructions are on the first page of the printable PDF.

First night box/suitcase.

Have a box or suitcase for the night before you move and the first night in your new house. Have all the basics that you need for that time so you dont have to scramble trying to find things. Here are some things we do:

  • Bed sheets

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Clothes for all family members (pjs dont forget the pjs)

  • Nappies and wipes

  • Enough kitchen basics (if your a wine drinker have a wine glass :) you can thank m later.

  • Phone chargers

  • Toilet Paper

  • Toiletries

Portable Storage

If your house sites have space I highly recommend looking at a Gobox or something similar. you can get it the month before you move and slowly pack. You can then move things into the box and not live in a box temple haha. They then on moving day come move the box with all the content inside to your new location.


When booking your removal company make sure there are no hidden charges. you want a flat rate! no petrol costs, back to base costs, no stair costs! That is all just fluff to charge you more!

You also want to ask them what the last hour is charged in? If you go 5 mins into the last hour you don't want to be charged the full hour, see if they do 15 or 30min charge.

If you are on a budget or just dont like wasting money, BE ORGANISED ! Have everything in boxes ready, have your walk ways clear. We put all the items we can in one room so they dont have to do a zillion trips up and down the stairs. Have everything labelled before they get there, when they arrive do a walk through, explain what you want and then let them go.

Be NICE! honestly these people are going to be in your house all day. make sure they are comfy. Offer them a drink or a snack, the nicer you are the better job they will do!

Have the last things in the truck the things you want out first. We do the kids beds and the fridge as the last items in the truck. That way you can be putting beds together, or filling the cold items back in the fridge while they unpack the rest of the items.


If you have pets especially cats I recommend you get some help. We put Freddie (our ragdoll) into a cat hotel. He will go in 2 days prior to the move and then come home 2 days after the move. Cats can get really scared and with door open and closing and big sounds its best to keep them safe, The last thing you want is to be hunting for a pet.

If you have a dog, ask a friend to babysit for the day. Then make sure you take them for a walk to get to know the area. If they get out higher chance of them finding their way home. '


Try to eat out your fridge and cupboards the month before you move. Firstly, less to move and unpack. Have a bag of snacks for the move day so you remember to eat. We always get takeaway the night before and day of move. Honestly, learn to pick your battles.


Moving with kids is another level. Remember this b

Moving House Labels - Blog
Download PDF • 144KB

Good luck xxx

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