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Bottles & Cup Review...

Here are my thoughts on the best bottles and cups. I am very lucky to be able to sample and trial lots of different brands. This is not a sponsored or collaboration of any sort, i just wanted to share my thoughts to save you spending money on rubbish. I was gifted the Oxo Tot and Subo bottles but you would see on my Instagram we use them daily and just love them.

Remember to also offer a open cup when at home to learn to drink from a standard cup.

Oxo Tot Brand

Available through Storknest

Discount Code: ANNAOXO15

- Great quality

- Dishwasher safe

- Easy to assemble and take apart

- Great colour options

- So far I have not had ONE leak

Step One: OXO TOT Grow Soft Spout Cup w/Removable Handles

- No negatives

Step Two: OXO TOT Grow Straw Cup

- Only negative is to make this cup leak proof. The straw requires your small to squeeze and stuck the straw

- you could go step one miss two and go straight to three depending on your smalls abilities

Step Three: Oxo Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

- Twisting lid makes the straw pop in and out which means leak free

- Has a little hand so easy to carry or attach to bags


Available through bbox store directly, Baby Buntings and lots of baby specialist stores.

Discount Code: I don't have one but i will find one for you

This is the best sippy cup on the market... That is all I need to write really.

- Leak free

- Easy to clean

- Goes in the dishwasher

- Easy for smalls to handle

- the weighted bottom means if your small turns upside down they can still drink the liquid

- LOVE LOVE LOVE we have three of them

- I put this on a must buy weaning item .

- great colour options

Subo Bottles

Available through the online site or lots of baby stores online or in store

Discount Code: TNSPM15

- To be used for yogurts, smoothies, purred fruits and vegetables, soft breakfast cereals soaked in milk so on

- Easy to suck for young smalls and toddlers

- Little annoying to clean and not dishwasher safe

- Not for drinking liquid

- AMAZING as its no spill so great for meals on the go

- lovely quality

- would be great in an adult size!

- great investment for yogurts you can then buy the big tubs rather than the small packets which is great for your pocket and environment

- I really really like these and would give as a gift or recommend as a good investment



Available through the online site or lots of baby stores online or in store

Discount Code: no but I will check

Miracle 360 Cup

- 360-degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely

- great for toddlers to drink from

- a good transition cup

- toddlers able to drink without assistance. Some bottles are hard to turn to open and close this is not

- dishwasher safe

- easy to clean

- I have tried the smaller one also and I personally would just get the larger size and wait until after 12months.

Click and Lock Flip Straw

- Love this, very easy to drink from

- Dishwasher safe

- it says 12 months plus but they are easy to use from 10 months

- Great for smoothie

- ok to clean a little fiddly but i really like it

- good size

Now, as you know there are SOOOO many options on the market. I have tried 100s that is not over the top either. These are my favourites and I would buy these as a gift and highly recommend.

Ok, that all. I will keep updating this and updating you if I find anything else fun xxx

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