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Becoming Toilet Friendly

Here is how we are becoming “Toilet Friendly”. Small human at around 14.5- 15 months was taking his nappy off while we were at home every time he wanted to do a wee or a poo. He much preferred fresh air on that little tooshie. Around this time, we started talking a lot about poo and wee. I would take him to the toilet when I went (not like we have a choice as mums anyway right?). We also started reading him a few books at our reading time (I have listed below which we like). We didn’t sit him on a potty or a toilet until 16.5/17 months. So, the first few months was all about wet legs and lots of poo talk. We started with a potty which just didn’t work at all. He looked at me as if to say why the hell do you want me to sit on that. He didn’t like that it was low down and couldn’t grasp the concept on sitting backwards into it, so it was a no go. Last month I purchased a toilet seat with a ladder. It’s great, still a bit high for him to manage all alone but he is getting there. He loved the seat straight away, and he sits much more comfortably that on a potty.

At the start when we introduced the potty/toilet seat we had a stamp, every time he wanted/would to sit on the toilet we gave him a stamp. It didn’t matter at the start if he did anything or not, I just wanted him to like to sit on the toilet. Sometimes I sat with him, or gave him a book or just spoke to him while doing the washing. It was all about getting him comfortable sitting on the seat. The longer they can sit on it without wanting to get off, the higher chance they will do a wee or a poo. Think about it, we don’t just jump on the bowl and out comes a log! It takes a little bit of relaxing and time ANYWAY. So, with or without doing a wee/poo he got a stamp.

Roger Armstrong - Ultimate Toilet Trainer - Grey/White

Now that we have had a bit of practice and he is confident and has an idea of the process, we have move to a reward chart and stickers. He only gets a sticker if he actually does a pee or a poo. He will not ask for a sticker if he hasn’t done anything anymore which is really good, mind you he will go for the stamp as soon as he gets on the seat haha.

We have been super chilled about the process! I was aware that 18months is rather early these days for using the toilet, so I am just going with the flow (No pun intended). If he pees on the floor that’s all good we just say “oh well next time in the toilet”. If he does a poo on the floor, we clean it up… Well unless the fur baby gets to it first (VOMIT). We have really made it a game, and absolutely lead by him. When he does a poo or a wee in the toilet, I dance around like a crazy person, if the Baby Daddy is home I tell small to go tell him and we all high five. Trying to give him the confidence and reward the right behaviour, and really ignore if he makes a mistake.

He is still in nappies when we are out of the house and in obviously at night. We will be in them for a few more weeks/months until we are both super comfortable with the process and have a bit more confidence with using public toilets and the telling me enough in advance that he needs to go. We went to Kmart and got a 7day pack of undies, they are cheap maybe $2-$5 which we are starting to play with the concept, putting them on and off and he thinks it’s great as they are spoken about a lot in the books. It’s just for play at this stage and I have no expectation of him wearing them for a few more months full time. Small is still in a cot so we haven’t even started the process of night toilet yet and really that feels like a while off. Once he is in his big boy bed we can look into that.

Anyway, its still some time before we are fully independent toilet but we are happy with the process so far. I hope this helps anyone that in the process or going to start soon.

If you have any questions or really anything, just send me a message.

Toilet training tips

Make it fun, I it’s going to be a journey so try to make it fun for the both of you.

Have a clean toilet. This means training your partners or other smalls to make sure the bowl is always clean. Small hands go in, around the bowl, under the seat and everywhere! The last thing you need or want is someone’s else wee/poop on their hands.

Reward like a stamp/chart. I have heard people doing treats before, I personally avoided this as they go A LOT and that’s A LOT of sugar.

Lots of books

I put a piece of toilet paper on the dry part of the bowl. This way if Small does a wee I can check if he did it without standing over him. I only reward and do a huge song and dance now when he actually does a wee and it’s a little #mumhack

Only do it when you and your small are ready! Don’t put pressure on either you or them. It’s not fair and it will just delay the process.

Have some wet wipes in the bathroom, when they do a poo its sometimes a bit harsh wiping with just toilet paper

Talk a lot about poo and wee

Buy a good cleaning product that’s easy to use and child friendly. They will want to help clean up

lots of naked time! it actually helps so much

Toilet Training Books

With so many books on the market, it can be very over whelming. I spent a bit to much money on rubbish and these are the books that we have kept and ACTUALLY use. I found a lot of the books on the market used a lot of American terms and spelling and I wasn’t really into that. You cant really avoid the word “Potty” even if you deiced to use the word “Toilet” but its not that bigger deal.

Girls Potty Time’ and ‘Boys Potty Time’ – By DK

Great picture book super basic and clear. I think simple is best comes in a girl and a boy version. Its go a fake seat on the front very cute.

Potty – Leslie Patricelli

This ones intresting, I don’t love the words that much. I actully tend to change them as I go. But Small human LOVES it. If you have a pet this is great, it speaks about Cats and Dogs and where they go to the toilet. Dominic now goes under the tree in the garden and points and Hank (Fur babies) poo and say “Pooooooo”

Toilet Time for Boys or another one for girls - Hinkler

We got the one with the red button and it has a flushing sound and says “Horray” Smalls thinks it is the BEEs knees and it’s Huge hit. It also comes in a kit with stickers and a chart if you prefer that. One of my favourite things about this book is they actually use the word toilet. I got all of the above from Booktopia.

Reward Chart Templates

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